How To Reach Mahabgarh Mahadev

If you are planning to visit Mahabgarh here are the options. Mahabgarh can be reached via the following routes.

1) Via  Kotdwara  : Kotdwara is one of the  entry points to the district of Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand and  is well connected to many neighbouring states like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, etc. by road and by rail. Local taxis and jeeps are available from Kotdwara to Mahabgarh. Jeeps are more economical as they run on sharing basis. If you wish to  take a jeep kindly start early as there are fewer jeeps that come back to Kotdwara from Mahabgarh after 4 o’clock. Checkout the best time to visit Mahabgarh. You can reach Mahabgarh via:-


2) Via Rishikesh : This route is a less motored route. If you are driving a four wheeler take the Ganga barrage route from Rishikesh. At present this is the only available route for four wheelers. This is also the route to visit the Famous Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. People on two wheeler can join this route after crossing Laxman jhoola or Ram jhoola. Two wheelers are allowed to move through these points. Though two wheelers can also take the Ganga Barrage route but this route  is about 15 kms short as compared to the Ganga  barrage route but four wheelers don’t have this choice. You can  take the route through:-

Rishikesh>GarudChatti>Duili>Kandi>Kasyali>Nalikhal (take right  from here)Nathukhal>Kamedikhal.

3) Via Pauri : People who wish to visit Mahabgarh from Pauri or neighbouring places can take this route to visit the temple:-

Pauri>Satpuli>Gumkhal>Dugadda(take right from here)>Kandakhal > Paukhal>Nathukhal>Kamedikhal.