Best Time To Visit Mahabgarh

Though Mahabgarh is visited by devotees throughout  the year but it is significant to know the best time to visit here, particularly when if  you are coming from a different state or coming for the first time . Since this temple is situated at a place which is a little off route and there are no hotels or guest houses available , it is important to keep updated  when visiting Mahabgarh Mahadev. The road to Mahabgarh  ends at a village pokhri which is around 10 kms from Kamedikhal, where this temple is located.

Best time to visit Mahabgarh is during the months of March –  June and mid of September -November. These are the months when the weather is pleasant ,the sky is clear and some major festivals like MahaShivaratri and Navratras falls in.

July to mid September are the monsoon months so please check with the local people about the route and any landslides before starting your  journey because Mahabgarh is situated at a very high alititude and this place experiences sudden climatic changes.

December – February are the extreme winter months and cold breeze flows throughout the day hence heavy woolens or jackets are recommended. It is advised to reach  here early during winters and leave by 4 o’clock because days are short and you never know when fog can engulf you.