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My name is Narender Gaur. Iam an internet marketer and blogger. I feel very fortunate to be associated with Mahbagarh since my child hood. My father was born and brought up in a village called Khundra not very far from this temple and later shifted to Jogi Dhar with his family which is located at the foothills of this great temple. Jogi Dhar , as the name suggests was named after a spiritual sage who used to practice meditation here.

In wake of  the recent happenings in the Kedarnath valley and other parts of the Uttarakhand where several people including kids, women, senior citizens lost their life has forced me to think that the time has come where we need to look at things from a different prospective. Seriously, something is not just going right otherwise it was just not possible that everything around the temple is devastated except the Kedarnath temple. Somewhere ,we are taking things for granted . Faith is now transforming into fun.

This website is a result of such thoughts that flooded  my mind last night and I decided to dedicate this site to Lord Mahab in Mahabgarh. Since this website is just a day old , there are not much posts you will find here. Please keep visiting this site as I will be adding a lot of other information about this site.

Once again, my heartiest condolences to the families who have suffered in this calamity.

Thanks for visiting.